Rebels MC Rolling the Dice at Yass

IT IS already few months since the Poker Run organised by Yass chapter of Rebels ended up. I have to admit that it was hard for me to put pen down without being upset, angry and feeling betrayed by our democratic politicians and police that suppose to look after me a protect individuals when necessary. I had experienced the contrary and will explain later on why. 

But let me to start from the beginning.

As you know I cover the run for many years and it is one of ‘must’ in my calendar. I remember times when the police came to the event talked to organisers and did what police was supposed to do — to keep everyone safe on the road. It means to ensure that everything is okay and give hand when was necessary. 

As the years passed on the goodwill towards biker community especially to the clubs progressively worsen due to the pressure of politicians who used clubs as scarecrow every time they needed it or the opportunity arise, unfortunately some public ‘washing of dirty linen’ didn’t help either and if nothing else made headlines in main stream media with negative comments that was fuelled by approval from state and national parliaments and the police department. 

The consequences are well known these days. 

But let go back to the Poker Run. 

I was looking forward to it as I missed good ride around Canberra and Yass and party after it. The start was as usually at noon. I have arrived around 11 am and started taking pics. I have noticed the police patrol presence but really didn’t bother me as they became regular feature of runs lately. What surprised me was a heavy handed approach bordering on arrogance that I did not witness before. You know that school bully attitude! 

Now officers you might pat each other backs but I honestly feel sorry for you. At the beginning I felt sorry for myself (later on we will come to that) but with time my feeling reversed.

words & photos by By George the Immigrant who needs to do an English course at TAFE

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