PTAA Summer Tattoo Show

Tattoo shows are very popular. This one was no exception.

THE PTAA Summer Tattoo Show was held at Panthers League Club recently and the new venue proved to be a winner amongst the crowd which poured in and out throughout the day; a few hundred people would have turned out for the event overall. The atmosphere was very relaxed and fun.

 Everybody had a good time and mingled well with lots of stories to tell and tattoo experiences to exchange. Whether you were there just to marvel at the incredible display of artwork or to enter into the competitions, it didn’t matter as the day proved to be a great day out. 

The actual tattoo competition was held inside a huge marquee which came in handy because it was a very hot day. 

There were big food stalls outside which provided the patrons with all the food and beverages they could possibly want, and I must say, it was also great value for money which you don’t hear very often these days. 

The event was very well organised and professionally managed. There were more than 30 categories which each offering a trophy as a prize. It was very exciting being around all the contestants and I actually entered into a few categories myself. 

The quality of Ink on show was a true statement on how far the tattoo industry has come and has shown that it will continue to get better and better in the years to follow.

So, all in all, the day was a raging success for all Ink lovers and a big congrats goes out to the organisers for putting on such a great day; we all look forward to another awesome show next year.

Words & pics by Mark Yardley

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