OL5COOL Harley-Davidson Deluxe Custom Motorcycle

WHEN I decided to buy my first Harley-Davidson I already had a plan—with friends in Cholo, Southern California, I was impressed with the style they were aiming for.

I headed straight to Fraser Motorcycles and picked a Harley Softail Deluxe. The guys were a great help and I left with a few upgrades—new speedo, Vance & Hines fishtails and a chrome swingarm.

Not long after I even got my private plate, OL5COOL.

Next stop was upgraded brakes, cams and air suspension.

There was no stopping me now and I went with chrome covers to the motor and dash, LePara seat and chrome forks.

Thinking I had done everything I ever wanted, I picked it up, took one look and knew I needed more—next was a set of Mammoth chrome rims.

To run her in I rode from Perth to the South Australian border, a 1900 km round trip. Got home then headed to Karratha, a 3000 km round trip.

My friends from Southern California sent me a whip that fits over the clutch and a blanket-roll for the front to help complete the look I was aiming for.

After a few near misses I decide to add some crash-bars and air-horn along with even longer Samson fishtails.

After a few more rides I headed over to the guys at Bagger Tricks for some stretched Bad Dad hard cases with a full bluetooth sound system.

Also changed my headlights again, this time going for LED Hog Lights for all the night rides I enjoy going on.

Every time I think I am finished I think of something new to get. Next will be a stretched rear fender to match the bags.

I want to take this chance to thank Melody for the photo shoot. It was a crappy day with thunder storms and buckets of rain and she just pushed on through it with a smile, helping wipe my bike down after each shower, a laugh, and on with the job.

Harley-Davidson Deluxe motorcycle

Words by Andrew; hotos by Melody.

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