Harley-Davidson Breakout On the Move

Richard likes the Breakout model; he likes his even better now that it has evolved into one mean street commuter.

I’VE BEEN riding bikes all my life, since I was 17. Got my bike licence before I got my car licence. My first bike was a YZ 250. I’m originally a Blacktown boy and I used to road-race down in Sydney. As my dad said, I had the ability to go very fast in a straight line but not quite the same ability to go around curves.

I’ve had a couple of Harleys. The first was a Sportster 48 which I used as an everyday commuter. I had it for three years before I made the decision to move into something a little bigger.

I picked up one of the Godfathers from the States. I found that I liked that kind of bike but I didn’t like the rake on it, it was too far, and with the 300 on the back it wasn’t great for everyday commuting. Great in a straight line; hopeless for everything else.

Next I purchased a stock standard Breakout—I loved the style but wanted to make a few changes. Originally, I rang to find out who was the supplier for SAS (Simplified Air Suspension) air-ride, and someone put me onto Jason.

Jason was very helpful over the phone and said why don’t you bring your bike around and we’ll talk about what you want to do.

I had about three or four or five talks with Jason and we decided to do the bike over a number of stages.

The first stage was to do the blinkers, tail-lights, and a few minor bits and pieces, and naturally a tune-up.

Since then there’s been quite a few changes: The oil tank is not stock Breakout, it’s come off a Rocker; Danny Grey seat; Burleigh Bars; the Xtreme wheels from the States (21-inch on the front); the wrap-around front guard; and the front suspension has been extended two-inches.

The engine is stock for now but that’ll be the next stage. We’ll probably do a Screamin’ Eagle stage kit and a paint job next. I’ll keep you updated…

Harley-Davidson Breakout custom

Photos by George; story by Richard

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