First Rebel Harley

THIS IS the story of my first Harley-Davidson. It’s a 1942 U-model. Five hundred of these motors were built especially for the Navy.

I bought this Harley for a friend of mine named Renzo, an Italian man. I bought it back in 1972 for $400.

I rode this bike through all the seventies. In the eighties I bought the Knuckles and Panheads and kind of put it in a corner… but it was time to have it rebuilt and give it a fresh look.

This Harley means a lot to me. It was the first Harley in the Chapter of Sydney when I started back in 1973.

The hard-stand is from a friend of mine, little Dave at Mild & Wild. He has a good motorcycle shop there; he helped me a lot; gave a lots of bits and pieces for nothing; and a lot of it I picked up from the garbage… but I made it all work and the bike looks pretty good. I’m happy with it. Thank you.

Photos by George; words by Alex Vella

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