Rat Cossack Three-Wheel Outfit

DR Philip’s Cossack Outfit sports all the goodies a proper rat bike should have—the parts are held together by wires, plastic tape, dirt, or sheer luck.

Dr Philip fell in love with the Cossack one day when he found this little gem in a shed. Unfortunately, the shed didn’t belong to him so he had to part with some cash to take the Communist import home.

Most readers would have heard of Dr Philip Nitschke. He’s the pro-euthanasia advocate in the right-to-die debate—and as if he wasn’t already famous enough, with his Cossack outfit, he’s now a serious contender for a title of Top Rat Bike Customiser.

  • Rat Cossack Outfit 10
  • Rat Cossack Outfit 8
  • Rat Cossack Outfit 7
  • Rat Cossack Outfit 6
  • Rat Cossack Outfit 5
  • Rat Cossack Outfit 4
  • Rat Cossack Outfit 3
  • Rat Cossack Outfit 2
  • Rat Cossack Outfit

I reckon being in the limelight in the right-to-die debate means Dr Philip has balls of steel, as further evidenced by riding his Rat Cossack Outfit.

I also reckon there can’t be too much money in being so controversial—or Dr Philip would be driving around in a Maserati instead of riding this three-wheeled import from the former Soviet Union.

There are lots of people who love their Cossacks in the world. They have an old-world charm which appeals to the guy who loves to tinker. They are very basic and you can keep them going forever for not much money. They were imported into Australia by Capital Motors until the 1970’s. God knows why they stopped importing them; I guess there just weren’t enough Dr Phils in Oz to buy them.

article by George

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