Ozbike #415


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Our Great Oz Biker Culture
Riding with Unbreakable Saints
Eight all-new Softail models
Road Test: Ural Sahara Sidecar Outfit
Shotgun Shocks for Softail Harleys
Mork: A National Tragedy
Kelly Ashton: Young and Dumb
Road Test: Moto Guzzi Audace
2018 H-D Fat Bob Test Ride

More Outta Sight Custom Bikes
Sucker Punch: Scout Flat Tracker
Back to Front Triumph Bobber
Send in the Clowns
Electric Blue Triumph
Japanese Inspired 1953 Panhead
Night Rod Special Burn-Out
Eye-Ball Softail & Chantelle
Lucifer’s Death Squad
Black Sportster Glide
Hard Arse for Art’s Sake

Important Subscription Information

OZBIKE, Australia’s original custom motorbike magazine, has been published continuously in Australia for more than 40 years. However, the days of printing paper magazines are far behind us.

We must admit, we enjoyed our time working in the print industry, and we know many readers would prefer to hold a printed copy in their hands. Unfortunately, the distribution is no longer there. Unless your magazines are being sold in Woolworths and Coles, it just isn’t viable.

OZBIKE is now Free On-Line

We’ve been giving you the best biker news, views, custom bikes & babes for more than 40 years and we going to continue publishing the best of them on the OZBIKE website in the years to come.

The OZBIKE website is updated daily with interesting articles. Make sure you check back often.

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