Chopper Fit for a King was time to unleash the evil of this 9 feet 3 inch Malibu Monster chop.

FROM A VERY young age Marty’s been fascinated by anything motorised. At the age of three he looked up the bum of a hot chook and asked his parents if there was a motor in there. Growing up in a 20 acre wrecking yard of cars, bikes and trucks, it certainly inspired his need for speed and his want for custom cars and bikes.

Marty wanted to buy a Night Train but ended up buying an unfinished Panhead project which fuelled his passion for choppers. In the process of working on his Panhead project (which is still in progress), he met Pico and Herb from SC Choppers.

In Marty’s frustration with his Panhead project, he decided that he wanted to build a street ridden chopper with his wife trying to keep a firm grip on the purse strings. While having a few coldies and brain storming with Pico, the decision was made to build a chopper with a stock Twin Cam Harley engine and a six-speed right-side gearbox.

While searching the internet, Marty found Big Mike at Malibu Custom Cycles Works USA. Mike has the best quality and range of rolling kits. The best thing about Malibu kits is that you can pick and choose your parts tanks, wheels, etc.

After Marty ordered the kit he wanted, it landed on his doorstep two weeks later.

Six weeks later Pico rang Marty and asked him to come and look at his bike. Pico had dummy-assembled the bike. Marty and Pico decided on the modifications which included Burleigh Bar’s goat-horn handlebars with internal throttle, extended fuel tank with recessed tank mounts, fixed rear guard and shaped front guard, and smoothed out oil tank and frame to give it that smooth finished look.

Once the modifications were complete, the bike was taken to PJ’s Custom Spray Painting at Rocklea. Marty believes that black and gold are the only colours to paint a bike. Marty discussed his ideas with the airbrusher; he chose graphite black, 22 ct gold leaf and a ghost-like skull theme airbrushed over the top of Harley-Davidson off white pearl. After four weeks of full time painting and airbrushing with more than 140 skulls, you’d have to see it to believe the workmanship and finish of this outstanding paint job.

SC Choppers now began the final assembly, and with the bike half finished, Marty decided to paint the fork tubes and handlebars to give it the long low fat look because the chrome front-end was overpowering as there was minimal chrome on the rest of the bike.

Time was ticking away. With Pico and Herb’s amazing efforts it was only a matter of days before Marty received a call to let him know that it was time to unleash the evil of this 9 feet 3 inch Malibu Monster chop.

The anticipation of hearing his bike for the first time made Marty’s drive to SC Choppers the longest drive ever.

As soon as he arrived he was greeted by the sound of his chopper breathing fire. The Twin Cam Harley engine was breathing into a straight-through exhaust and even the Devil himself would need to wear ear muffs.

Marty looked at Herb who said, “You’ve seen it and you’ve heard it—let’s take it for a ride!”

Herb was off like a shot with a grin from ear to ear. When he returned much later, Pico asked, “Did you break down or something?”

“Wow, I just didn’t want to get off,” Herb replied. “This bike is so easy to ride it handles like it’s on rails.”

Marty would have loved for his chopper to live in his bar but his wife said no, and if he loved it that much, then he could sleep on his chopper in the shed and it can keep him warm at night.

Marty entered his bike in the Laverda Story Bridge Show and was surprised when he won two trophies for Best Custom and Best Paint. Then he won another two trophies at the Broadbeach Show for Best Street Ridden Custom and People’s Choice; he was awarded two more trophies for the Best Pro Built Bike and Top Five finalist. Marty’s chopper was also in the Top Five Bikes at the Beenleigh Eliminators Show (another trophy).

Marty would like to say a special thank you to Pico and Herb from SC Choppers for their professionalism and for their friendship for the past six years. Marty didn’t know a great deal about choppers and Harleys before meeting Pico and was able to pick his brains for his knowledge. Marty admits to asking some dickhead questions from time to time but it’s paid off now. A very big thanks to Steve, Wayne, Jeff (airbrusher) and Dan (panel beater) from PJ’s Custom Spray Painting for the sensational paint job (that has everyone looking twice to see the evil within). Thanks to Jeff from Wrench Devil Cycles for fitting the Woods cams, and for the only silent belt drives in Oz, and the tune up that makes Marty’s chopper ride and handle like it’s sent from Hell. Thanks to Jules and Ozbike for the opportunity to have his chopper featured.

words & photos by Jules @ Top Gun

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