Bagger Mini Air Control

THE B-MAC Bagger Mini Air Control allows easy adjustment to your bagger air assisted shocks. 

Adjusting the rear suspension on a H-D touring bike used to be a difficult task until now. This mini CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum air compressor mounts to one of the rear shocks and the air lines plug into it so the on-board switches can add or release air pressure while you monitor the pressure with the built-in 0/60 psi mini analog gauge. Going from single to two up riding takes only a few seconds to get the air pressure to your desired riding level. 

B-MAC is available for all Harley-Davidson Touring models with air assisted spring shocks. It is super easy to install… about 15 minutes and you are back up and riding. 

Each B-MAC kit comes complete with an internal compressor, integrated pressure gauge, built-in easy access switches, and quick connect air fittings; everything you need to complete the install in minutes. Its water-resistant design is perfect for those who ride in inclement weather.

For those interested in obtaining more information visit: Simplified Air Suspension

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