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Velocity Blue Heritage Softail

SHE’S A ’91 Heritage Softail. I picked her up just over three years ago. It was a stocker with a midnight blue paint job. The Softail was all good for about three weeks before the ‘lack of power’ got to me. Going from a GSX1100 to a stock 80-cubic-inch Harley just couldn’t cut it.

So in she went for some performance mods—S&S heads, pistons and carby; Crane ignition and cam—to give her the ‘get up and go’ I was after. She was going great too—until I had ten too many with the boys and put her down the road!

So in to Geoff at Tune ‘n’ Choppers who put a 5-degree rake and 4-inch-over forks, dumped the arse an-inch-and-a-half, 3-inch-over forward controls, pissed off all the Heritage extras, and painted her Velocity Blue the same as an XR6.

I’ve ridden it around since—Cairns, Adelaide, Perth.

While in Perth I met a bloke by the name of Johnno Bowman. He made the bike really come alive. He put on the Mikuni carb, Thunder-Header pipes, reset all the electronics, and changed it to chain and sprocket. Now it peels the rubber at the lights, no worries.

I ran it down the quarter mile for the first time and got a 13.2. I’m going again soon; hoping for high 12’s.

All in all it’s been a good bike. I’m planning on putting in a 113-cubic-inch S&S this winter; got to show the boys on the 95 cubes what for.

I’d like to thank Richard Freeman for getting me involved with a good bunch of lads in Queensland; Geoff from Tune ‘n’ Choppers for the custom work and putting up with me changing my mind over and over; and John Bowmen for being the only bloke I’ll give the name ‘guru’ to—what he’s done with the motor is simply spot-on (only gas could make this 80-cube any better).

words & pics by Mick Miller

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