OZBIKE is all about custom bikes and the bikers who build them.

OZBIKE is contributor driven. Some contributors are professional photographers; others are just readers who want to share their bike-build with other readers. We’re happy to publish them either way—however, the length of the feature really depends on the quality of the photos. If you’ve taken the photos yourself with your phone camera we’ll be pushing to get one page out of them; whereas professionally-taken photos can often run to six pages.

We have a list of photographers in most capital cities who can take photos of your bike. They set their own prices but it usually costs around $500 for a photo-shoot. You end up with a set of high-quality photos of you and your bike for yourself; we end up with a set we can publish in OZBIKE that’ll make you proud.

I guess it’s a bit like getting your wedding photographed. If you want ‘great’ photos to remember your ‘big day’, you have to pay someone.

After all the effort you’ve put into building your custom bike, getting it featured in OZBIKE magazine for all of Australia to see is the icing on the cake.

If you’d like to know more, email me at skol@ozbike.com.au

If you have customised your bike in any way we’d love to know about it