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OZBIKE DIGITAL is about motorbikes and the bikers who ride them. It is about a way of life which is often irreverent, challenging, and at times outrageous.

OZBIKE DIGITAL is updated daily with outstanding articles on the biker lifestyle as it happens in Australia, the latest biker news, selected custom bike features and technical articles, and lists upcoming biker events. Make sure you check back often.

OZBIKE DIGITAL evolved from OZBIKE magazine, Australia’s original custom bike magazine. Established in 1978, OZBIKE magazine the longest running and most respected publication of its type in the Southern Hemisphere.

You can still buy a hard copy of OZBIKE magazine. Getting it is as easy as ABC. Go to our Subscription Offer page for this month’s special offer and find out how.

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A ROOKIE police officer pulled over a biker for speeding and had the following exchange. Officer: May I see your driver's licence? Biker: I don't have one... Read More...

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