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Preventing Alex Vella from coming home to his family is unjust and un-Australian. Alex has been in Australia for 46 years, he has paid taxes and votes. Cancelling his Visa while out of the country is a pathetic un-Australian act of bastardry!

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Sign the petition:
Scott Morrison: Approve Alex Vella's Resident Return Visa

On 1 December, members of Freedom Riders WA will be joining thousands of other members of the community across Australia for 'The Last Stand Rally' at Parliament House Canberra to protest the Anti-Association laws being rolled out across the nation.
This Rally has been hailed as the largest ally opposing these laws. The Anti-Association laws have targeted motorcycle enthusiasts as criminals.
Every state in Australia will have people attending, with thousands expected to join Freedom Riders Australia and the FREE Australia Party who have organised ‘The Last Stand Rally’.
Under these laws, you are deemed a criminal simply by associating with a member of an organisation that has been declared as a Criminal Organisation, with the onus on the individual charged to prove their innocence. You can be deemed a criminal by Association for simply attending a charity fund raiser in good faith that was being held by a group that has been declared as a Criminal Organisation by the Government or Judiciary.
The more you research these laws, the more it becomes apparent they are going to affect all walks of life in many different ways. These laws will affect everyone. Car clubs, boxing clubs, football clubs, etc.
Is it right that we deem all Muslims as terrorists? Is every person who wears a suit a white collar criminal? Are all priests paedophiles? Was the West Coast Eagles deemed a Criminal Organisation because of one of their players? No reasonable thinking Australian would do this so why are the Governments of this great country putting all motorcycle enthusiasts in the same basket as criminals.
Social Motorcycle Associations/Clubs and local businesses such as Perth Harley-Davidson are dedicated to supporting the community by holding events to raise much needed funds and awareness such as the Pink Ribbon Ride for Breast Cancer, the Black Dog Ride for Depression and Suicide Awareness, the Ride for Ros to raise funds for Motor Neurone Disease in WA, and the ANZAC Day Ride to name just a few. The list is endless. Most weekends there will be a Social Motorcycle Associations/Club in Western Australia alone running one of these events raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for the community.
The Christmas season is nearly upon us again and the strong following of the community towards Social Motorcycle Associations/Clubs and the many annual toy runs being held across the nation to help the underprivileged and needy, is under scrutiny with individuals reconsidering whether to actually attend due to the fear of being deemed a criminal by association for opening their hearts and wallets for charity. This is probably the saddest of all because the same Government or Judiciary that are imposing these laws will not make up the difference and those most in need will be the ones that suffer.
99 percent of motorcycle enthusiasts support the need for laws to combat Criminal Organisations, especially drug related and violent crimes, but the fact is the already under sourced police forces are being kept busy wasting their time and public money harassing the average motorcycle rider because he may have at some time attended a fund raiser for charity or had a drink with someone they know, but not seen for years, that maybe loosely associated with a deemed Criminal Organisation. It begs belief given that we already have laws in place for these types of crimes but we don’t seem to have the penalties that fit the crimes.
These laws are unjust, unfair and just plain un Australian. All free-thinking law-abiding Australians should be outraged by this move to take away our right to freely associate with whoever we wish. This does not make me or you a criminal. It simply means that we are exercising our God given right that many good Australian men and woman gave their lives for and are still doing so today. These laws make a mockery of theirs and their families’ sacrifices.
Freedom Riders WA State Manager, Frank Salisbury, AKA Pops, will be leading the ride. He will be joined by two female members of Freedom Riders WA, HG and Annie, along with motorcycle enthusiasts from as far away as Broome. There are others planning to join the group on the journey along the way.
The ride will be leaving from Perth Harley-Davidson, Albany Hwy, Cannington, at 9 am on Wednesday, the 26 November, to ride across our great country to Canberra.
Remember these laws don’t just target criminal organisations. They also encapsulate law abiding citizens. Freedom isn’t really free—members of our Australian Armed Forces paid dearly for it.
Anyone wishing to join the ride or wish to contribute to the cause with some sponsorship or donations please contact Freedom Rider Pops via email at
When Injustice Become Law, Resistance Becomes Duty.
Kind Regards
Freedom Riders Western Australia

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Congratulations to Nathan Wilson who won the unique Captain Oz Bike this week.
The second place winner of the $500 gift voucher from MCAS was Desley Connolly.
Thanks to all the people who entered; we have made a sizeable donation to the Make A Wish Foundation Australia.

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