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Bike Riding Social Club appears in new Oz feature film

LTR 24/7 Social Club recently lent their skills to the feature film The Pitch, currently being filmed in Sydney.

Written by Daniel Green, The Pitch follows the journey of Damien Gooding, a slippery Sydney-based film producer with a penchant for omitting the truth. In order to maintain his lavish lifestyle, Damien must sign an A-list star to his latest project prior to his pitch to a major film studio, and coerces his estranged father Dallas into a father/son road trip in search of an elusive actor.

The film stars Andy McPhee of Sons of Anarchy fame as Dallas, opposite Green in the role of Damien.

According to LTR 24/7 member Mark Warke, the club enjoyed their time on set in Mount Hunter and are looking forward to seeing their bikes immortalised on screen.

“It was a bit of an adventure and a good way to spend the day. It was interesting to see how it all works,” said Warke.

When writing the script, Green was conscious of not playing into the typical outlaw stereotype that can often be associated with motorcycle clubs on film. Instead the riders form part of the fictional charity ride, the 26th Annual Alice Springs Run, and tag team with local law enforcement to deliver the character Damien to his destination.

“I’m very grateful to them as they went out on a limb,” said Green. “It meant a lot, as I know how conscious they are about their portrayal. The guys brought a sense of genuineness that you can’t get from actors. They weren’t camera shy and had a great sense of humour. And Skol delivered a great performance,” said Green, referring to Ozbike editor Skol’s portrayal of Tomahawk, the leader of the run.

Produced by the team at Freeway One Entertainment, The Pitch is co-directed by Green and Jesse Richardson, and also stars Anthony Brandon Wong (The Matrix trilogy), Benita Collings (Sleeping Beauty, Playschool) and Emm Wiseman (Winchester). The film is due for release in 2018.

photos by Clare Hawley

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