World’s Easiest Seat Pan Kit

CONTINUING A tradition of innovation, the engineers at Stampede have developed what they believe is the world’s easiest and quickest custom seat pan kit.

The easy-to-work-with, two-part clay epoxy Insta Pan Seat Pan can be made in less than an hour, although it allows 2—3 hours of working time, and can be cut and machined similarly to hardwood in about 48 hours.

Stampede Insta Pan Seat Pan Kits are available for large single seats, double seats, or in bulk quantity for builders allowing them to use only as much as they need each time they make a pan. Each kit includes the clay material, rolling pipe and rails, clear pattern material, fiberglass matte, protective tape, vinyl gloves, and complete instructions to create a seat pan. Best of all, the Insta Pan is made with non-toxic materials that do not require a great amount of protective gear and washes off skin with warm soapy water.

seat pan

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