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I WAS down at the pub talking about getting my bike serviced when one of the lads asked why don’t I just take it to Wally because he is a great Harley mechanic.

“Never heard of him,” I says…

When this bloke with a bloody big beard gives me a funny look, stands up, walks over to me… and I’m thinking, ‘Okay, I must of pissed him off or something.’

He puts out his hand and says, “Hi. I’m Wally.”

So on the Monday morning I drop the bike off at his workshop and leave him to it.

On the Thursday I get a call from Wally saying my Harley is ready to pick up. I ask him how much I owe him and he tells me we will talk about it when I get down there so I’m expecting the worst. When I arrive, to my surprise, the cost was very reasonable.

Wally had gone over the bike and had it running sweet as. He’d tidied up all my botched wiring, done the brakes and a few other little things that I didn’t even know needed doing, and he didn’t take me to the cleaners when it came to the bill.

Now to say Wally is a bloody genius when it comes to Harleys is an understatement —he’s been fixing them for more than 30 years!

He’s a boiler maker/welder by trade so if you need a custom part fitted or something made up that’s out of the ordinary, then Wally’s the man to see. He also takes a lot of pride in his workmanship and is very fussy when it comes to doing the job right; he can also do warranty work.

Give Wally a call if you want your bike fixed up and right the first time around.

Wal’s Motorbikes, Unit 4/19 Owen Road, Kelmscott WA 6111. Phone: 0422-976-932.

Wally's workshop

article by Simon Harvey

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