Veterans Thunder West Show, Shine & Tattoo Show

THE VETERANS MC are no strangers to what people want to see. They had everything from tattoo contests to bike show to the all-important adult entertainment and wet T-shirt competition, along with the burn-outs and four amazing bands that rocked all night long.

There was no need to look at the weather; I knew it was going to be hot, in the high 40’s. So it was an early start Friday around 6 am to try and beat the heat knowing it was a seven-hour ride. The zipper on my jacket got lowered with each hour, only stopping for fuel and to rehydrate. Coming through Muswellbrook I saw the stop sign; they were doing road works and I was sitting there baking in my gear; finally I could move on.

Turning off the main road I knew I was not far now —  just along the dirt road and over a couple a hills, there it was the sight of other bikes. I found a camping spot and started setting up for the weekend. 

After making my way to the clubhouse for a well-deserved drink, I found a seat and caught up with some old mates. Looking around the numbers seemed down but then the bikes started rolling in. 

Dinner was called and the line began to grow, you can always rely on the Veterans to put on a great meal. The drinks kept flowing until the early hours of Saturday morning.

I made my way around the stalls to check out the usual biker accessories and patches; maybe I could find a bargain or something new. Pete was kept busy sewing all the new patches people had brought onto their jackets.

The local Scouts group were on hand offering a quick bite to eat along with Rotary this year. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the food truck turn up, just like the one you get at the show selling chips and dagwood dogs, etc.

I was awoken early Saturday morning by the sounds of more bikes turning up, and some were washing their bikes for the show ’n’ shine which had around 50 bikes entered, along with three trikes. There was some really great quality on display especially the paint. 

Registration were open for the tattoo competitions for both male and female with several different categories from arm, leg to back, both colour and black and white. All categories proved to be very popular. 

Next was the burnout comp. It looked like no-one was going to give it a go but it only took one to start. The next thing I knew there were six guys putting their pride on the line. The winner claimed $200 and the opportunity to pour the water for the wet T-shirt comp that night, 2nd place won $100 which was donated to the Veterans charity; he was the son of a Veteran.

I noticed the chairs were starting to fill up in anticipation for the wet T-shirt comp. Six ladies were brave enough to enter this year. Mick, the burnout winner, was eager to pour the icy water on the ladies. The next thing I knew they were ripping their shirts off which got the crowd very vocal. The more they screamed, the more shirts were coming off. It was a close call as to who was going to win.

The lights were turned up and I noticed it was standing room only as the crowd rushed to the front of the stage. The music started and out came Angel who performed a very sensual strip tease. One lucky fellow was part of the show; he had a bird’s eye view. 

Tyler was the next lovely lady to perform; she had the crowd eating out of her hand. 

I turned around to see not one but the two lovely ladies again; they put on a show together. They say two’s better than one, well, that seemed to be the case. The lovely ladies were from Pure Cheek.

Throughout the night we were entertained with four amazing bands which covered everything from A to Z. There was no room to move on the dance floor once they started playing; everyone was showing of their dance moves.

I finally went to bed in the earlier hours of Sunday morning — that’s if you could sleep with the bloody heat. Then the bikes started leaving which started the bloody birds. Oh well, I was up now so of I went with my camera to catch the riders leaving. 

words & photos by Tracey Brodin

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