Veterans MC Western Australia Remembrance Day Run

With the 100th anniversary of Armistice I knew the Veterans MC ride was going to be huge but even I was surprised by just how huge it turned out. 

Turning up two hours early to get a good spot, I was overwhelmed by the amount of bikes (more than 200) that were already there. It was just the start of a very memorable day.

Walking around I met and chatted to a vast array of people from all walks off life. I had the pleasure of meeting two ex-servicemen who had travelled all the way from South Australia; a few elderly ex-servicemen who proudly wore their medals and shared stories; a rider all the way from England; and more than 19 other local clubs that turned out for this special day.

As the 11th hour approached I stopped counting bikes after I reached 350. It was by far the largest turn-out I had seen. I even met an ex-serviceman from the Rhodesian army amongst the crowd. 

We all came together for two minutes silence to reflect those who fought for our freedom and paid the ultimate sacrifice, and then it was time to begin the ride. 

What a sight as we snaked our way through the Perth hills for a leisurely two-hour-ride ending up at The Veterans MC clubhouse, Caspers Bar. The carpark quickly filled as bikes spilled into the side street for the rockin’ night ahead.

There were all sorts of bikes including custom tribute Jappa’s, British, American, and Italian.  

We were greeted by The 22 Crew who put on a great BBQ, cold beers and the rockin’ sounds of Humble Crumble playing live for us we partied long into the night. 

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