Ulysses Club Meet & Greet

THE ULYSSES CLUB for over 50s motorcyclists celebrated a significant anniversary in the tranquil surrounds of d’Albora Marinas, Nelson Bay, enjoying the ambience, entertainment and ample facilities for its 130-strong band of bike enthusiasts.

According to the organisers from Ulysses, the members were impressed by the venue—the blue-water paradise of Port Stephens—and commented on the picturesque surrounds, choice of restaurants and cafes, boutique shopping and added bonus of live entertainment on site.

The club held its AGM there, as well as having a social and marketing facet to proceedings, drumming up membership interest in the club.

The Ulysses Club, like its namesake, Alfred Lord Tennyson’s hero, prides itself on its adventurous spirit and appetite for travel. Just like the Greek warrior, who in later life yearns for the company of his shipmates of old, their charter is one of camaraderie and the search for far horizons.

More than 130 riders turned up and members were treated to incredible weather and live entertainment provided by the marina management in the form of a laid-back, acoustic duo Brooke Harvey and Damian Fraser, who go by the name of Cosy Velour.

“The opportunity to host such a unique and individual collection of motorbikes in a setting such as the d’Albora Marina was a real pleasure,” said John Bradshaw, Marina Manager. “The chance to have the community come to the marina and talk to the Ulysses members about their travels and their bikes proved to be highly popular. The town will welcome the club back with open arms!”

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