Two Piece Motor Plate for Open Belt Drives

BDL’S NEW Open Belt drive systems feature a two-piece motor plate design with 2-inch belt and were developed specifically for use on both Softail and Bagger models from 2007—up.

Kits fit 52/69 pulley combinations for a 1.32:1 drive ratio. However, belt profiles are unique to each requiring matched pulleys to the specific belt, no interchanging. Front pulley face and spring collar have matching patterns and the front pulley is counter bored for a super clean open appearance. 

The six-bolt diaphragm clutch configuration is new providing a slightly different, more firm feel while improving the appearance.

Kits comes with a custom side and top guard which provide for that aggressive open dome look. 

Additionally, the spring and collar have been enhanced in order to provide more positive lock up when used with big inch and high horsepower engines.

The kits come in black, chrome or polished with either a 2014—up hydraulic or standard ball bearing pressure plate.

You’ll find them at BDL dealers worldwide or on the web at

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