The Ultima Godfather & Madison

Ultima chopper

ALTHOUGH the Softail chassis can be lowered, it’s best to resist the temptation otherwise you risk frame damage on speed humps and gutters. The clearance also helps with the handling of the Godfather with its 300 arse end. A popular modification to assist with handling of a 300 arse end is a 21-inch rim on the front.

The exhaust on the Godfather was only a mock-up for the photo shoot.

The Godfather is available as a full rolling chassis kit with a 127 fully polished Ultima motor capable of 140 hp at the rear wheel; a six-speed, right-hand drive Ultima gearbox; three-inch belt drive; and tribal triple trees. This bike was their fourth Godfather so a lot of the homework on the build was already done.

You can check out more photos of the Ultima Godfather at Proud Madison.

photos by Walter Glover

Author: Skol Wiggins


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