A Very Staunch K-9 Motorcycle

Big Dog motorcycle 3

THIS BIKE stands out in a crowd—at a recent Odin’s Warriors Poker Run, at every stop the bike attracted a group of admirers. And rightly so! With a low slung stance, kick-arse paint, buckets of chrome, 300 mm rear-end, and at around 9 feet in length, it’s no wonder!

The bike is a fully imported custom from Big Dog Motorcycles in Kansas, USA. These guys have been building these machines since 1994 and are now the largest mass builder of custom bikes in the world. Staunch became the proud owner of this baby in November and bought it as an everyday rider.

“Bikes are for riding!” Staunch said. “Not just for sitting around as show pieces!”

He has a removable pillion pad and Jo, his partner, jumps on the back as often as she can.

This particular model is known as the K-9. It features a 117 cube S&S motor which breathes in through a Super G carby and out through a very loud set of Vance & Hines pipes.

This is hooked up to six-speed gearbox and it all sits inside a frame which has a 39-degree-rake plus an extra three degrees in the trees. The backbone has been stretched by four inches, the down tubes stretched by eight inches, and all this sits atop a 12-inch-over front-end.

The fuel tank is a 4.4 gallon unit and the line of the bike flows nicely down to that low, low seat.

The whole show rolls along on a wicked set of PM wheels; PM also got the job of pulling the bike up via a set of four-spot calipers, front and rear.

This is all topped off nicely with the wild orange and black paint job and the short cropped rear guard which houses that massive rear wheel.

Staunch is more than happy with the end result but it doesn’t end there! Plans are already in the pipeline for some more mods: airbag suspension, exposed primary, and the S&S motor is in for a warm-over—as if it wasn’t awesome enough already!

Staunch also has another pot in the fire in the form of a Softail frame which he intends to use as a basis for his own custom built project so stay tuned for that one.

I’d like to thank Staunch and his lady Jo, for taking the time to let us shoot the bike and a special thanks to our model for the day, the lovely Kaela.

words by Chuck U Farley; pics by Jo

Author: Skol Wiggins


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