Sprintex Supercharger For Harley V-Rod

DO YOU love your Harley V-Rod but wish it had more grunt? Well now you can get it with a Sprintex Supercharger system.
Superchargers add a new dimension to the modern, liquid-cooled engine of the V-Rod. The Sprintex Supercharger lifts the power from the standard V-Rod’s 115 hp to 161 hp!

The Sprintex Supercharger is a compressor, not a supercharger in the traditional sense of the word. The vane-type (or Rootes supercharger) simply blows air into the combustion chamber in a greater volume than a normally aspirated engine. The patented Simplex ‘twin screw’ system uses a pair of asymmetric rotors, male and female, in that one is convex and the other concave, which supply cold compressed air in any quantity you like—the V-Rod runs a modest 8 pounds boost but can easily be tweaked to 20.

Turbo-charging, on the other hand, uses exhaust gases as the additional power plant and the resultant heat is a major worry especially on a motorcycle engine. The complex plumbing required for turbo-charging also poses myriad problems in the confined spaces of a bike. In terms of volumetric efficiency, the supercharger wins hands down. There’s no intercooler needed, no additional plumbing, and no turbo ‘lag’.

This twin-screw supercharger installation looks like OEM factory-installed and is concealed under the standard tank cover which originally housed the air box. In fact, from the left side, it is impossible to pick the difference from the stock model. The entire kit fits under the V-Rod’s standard dummy fuel tank. On the right, a polished aluminum plate sits neatly between the cylinders, so neat that one could swear it was always there. The original fuel injection uses two throttle bodies, which is replaced by a Simplex unit complete with plenum chamber and single butterfly throttle body.

The injectors are in basically the original position in the cylinder heads with the vacuum operated butterflies on each inlet port in place. A supplementary injector comes in on full boost. For 90 percent of the time, the butterflies are wide open and closed only on idle. In this set up, the engine idles as sweetly as it does in standard form.

The Sprintex works with the stock Electronic Control Unit (ECU) with the stock mapping. The only actual change to the engine is the removal of the standard water pump housing and its drive shaft. A longer shaft and strengthened housing is supplied in the kit which then becomes the output shaft for the belt driving the supercharger. A new water pump in located within the coolant lines, external of the engine.

What you get is an instant 40 percent increase in power at the crankshaft. There’s plenty more available but this specification gives a perfect combination of tractability and gargantuan grunt. The supercharged V-Rod will pull cleanly from idle, but crack the throttle open and it fairly rockets away. As it is, the engine hits the 9000 rpm limiter in first gear faster than the rider can heave his feet onto the footrests.

For more info on the Sprintex Supercharger kit for V-Rod visit the website: www.sprintex.com.au


  1. I have a 2010 supercharged V-Rod Night Rod Special.
    Very fast bike. I’m looking to sell it, the whole bike that is!.
    Very low km’s. Top condition. lots of money spent on setting the Supercharger up.
    I purchased one of the last Spintex Supercharges in 2014.
    If anyone is interested email me on ferrotech@iinet.net.au
    I will email back photos and specs.

    1. I want sprintex fit my vrod muscle. You still have this? Whats cost? You have manuał or pdf instalations instructions? Please give me photos all elements thx!

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