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SO YOU’VE decided that you could use a bit more horsepower, perhaps a tad more torque or even a bit better fuel economy? There’s not a machine out there which is running as efficiently as it possibly can and simply buying some go-fast parts and bolting them on isn’t going to guarantee you’ll get the maximum improvement from these performance items that their manufacturers claim they can give you. The answer to this dilemma… dyno tuning.

In a small, but well-equipped workshop in suburban Lake Macquarie (Newcastle), you’ll find Sportcycles Dynotune and Performance Centre, quite a mouthful, but most people just know it as Sportcycles. 

A family business, owned and operated by Jamie Stubbs and his wife Ally, Sportcycles offers friendly and efficient service at a fair price, and caters to most brands. His workshop will have a variety of different bikes, from sports bikes, track day weapons, cruisers, adventure bikes, drag bikes, to full blown customs laying around on any given day.

With a laptop considered to be a ‘must have’ tool for automotive repairs nowadays, it’s easy to go searching for a solution and end up being sent down a perilous path where blogs and forums bombard you with a plethora of solutions to a perceived problem based on your symptoms, and don’t forget You Tube for ‘expert’ advice on any subject you care to name. Not to suggest that all the information on the interweb is incorrect or misleading, but it doesn’t hurt to know when you’re beat and you need to go see an actual expert. This is where finding the right person, with the best reputation is what your Google search should be used for. Sportcycles has a 5 Star Google rating… not too shabby… you can check it here Sportcycles.

But I digress, Jamie uses his computer to find all the hidden horsepower in your engine, and knowing what you’re looking at among the rows of digits, which way to turn an adjustment screw and how it can affect something else down the line, and not blowing it all up, is a bit of a fine art! In this area, Jamie is indeed an artist — using his vast knowledge to unlock the potential of an engine whilst taking into consideration all of the variables, least not that of potential ‘operator error’ and building in a margin to prevent possible damage due to ham-fisted enthusiasm!

Now getting into a conversation about bikes with Jamie is like opening a Pandora’s Box of mechanical knowledge — you soon learn that high horsepower and improved torque figures can only occur with intimate knowledge of the information displayed and that small tweaks can offer large improvements if you know what you’re doing, but I guess with more than 30,000 dyno runs up his sleeve, you’d expect that he’d learnt something!

Speaking of learning stuff relevant to all things motorcycling, Jamie has spent a bit of time overseas wrenching for a local lad who went Moto 3 racing and uses the vast amount of knowledge gleaned from the experience to tune, tweak and improve a number of racing bikes in all classes for Aussie racers. If you aren’t after huge amounts of power, then making sure all the connecting bits of your machine are up to the task, Jamie applies the same principals learned to your everyday ride so you can get the most out of it with confidence. 

Quality workmanship comes as standard here and I know you’ve heard it all before, but I did some digging and this bloke is the only one in town I haven’t heard a bad story about… not bad in this day and age where keyboard warriors can alter a reputation without recourse.

By way of giving back, Jamie sponsors a young gun by the name of Hunter Ford in the Australian Supersport 300 class… look him up, he’s setting the benchmark for others in the class and on an extremely tight budget. Perhaps there’s something in this dyno tuning stuff after all?

Sportcycles is a one-stop-shop if you want to keep your bike in tip top shape, with tyres, suspension repairs/rebuilds, modifications, tuning, and apart from painting, can take care of all other parts of your bike and he does pink-slips too.

So feel free to get all the catalogue parts for your bike and bolt them up with gusto, but be aware that there might be horsepower in them thar parts that you can’t find without a proper tune — dyno tune that is! And don’t forget that experience counts when you want to get quality work done on your ride. There is a problem with this, however, and Sportcycles suffers from it frequently… they’re usually booked solid for about 6—-8 weeks, so make sure you plan ahead. 

Go ahead give Sportcycles a call on 02-4943-2030, and Ally will book you in — you won’t be disappointed.

Words: JT @CrotchRocketMotorcycles; photos: @iShootPix

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