Solo Seat For Touring Bikes

THE LOWDOWN Solo from Mustang was specifically engineered for late model Twin Cam FL Touring model Harleys to give riders a lower seat height without compromising on comfort. 

The Solo’s 13-inch wide bucket is shaped and angled for optimal touring posture, but the real bonus is the fact that the LowDown really does drop the rider down closer to the ground. The Solo seat is also cut narrow at the front so you can plant your feet firmly on the ground at a stop.

Available with or without studs, riders can opt for chrome studs or really bring on the bling with black pearl-centred chrome studs! Pair it with a Mustang passenger seat if you want company, or run it solo to go it alone.

The LowDown seats also come with slotted mounting nuts and Mustang’s mini bib for a complete custom look.

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