Sinister Black-Out

CERTAINLY ONE of the most unique custom wheels on the market today, Pro-One’s SINN-A-STER SERIES II is a real crowd stopper finished in black anodize with machined edges. This highlighted black-out effect emphasises the SINN-A-STER name and creates an intimidating appearance.

The SINN-A-STER II series wheels feature a forged three or five spoke pattern rim accented by interchangeable black or chrome billet blades. These removable blades are offered in numerous styles including the V-Blades shown here.

SINN-A-STER II rims can be ordered in kit form, pictured, for use with 240 or 300 rear rubber. The rear rims are 8.5” wide.

Best purchased as an entire package, Pro-One eliminates all the guess work with their BLACK-OUT caliper, rotor, pulley and sprocket assemblies.


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