Seriously Blown Harley-Davidson Fat Bob

Matt always wanted a blower but he knew they were crazy dollars. “Yeah, bugger it! I’m going to do it,” he said.

I STARTING racing motocross when I was about five-years-old and haven’t stopped riding since. I got my road-bike licence when I was old enough; had a few Jap bikes; always wanted a Harley and when I got the money, I bought one.

This is my first Harley. I bought it new from Fraser’s in Newcastle.

A bloke I know put me onto Jason. I just rang him up out of the blue and said I had a bike I wanted to do some work on. Not long after, I rode over to his to visit and all his ideas were great; exactly what I wanted to do to it.

So I arranged to drop the bike off and he started work on it immediately.

Occasionally he’d ring up and say, “I wouldn’t mind doing this…” Mostly I let him go for it.

Harley Fat Bob with ProCharger

Originally, it was a Dyna Fat Bob with twin headlights, although there’s not much that hasn’t been changed since: the twin headlights were replaced with a single headlight; a set of Burleigh apes were fitted… Actually, just about everything on this bike is different: the blinkers, the controls, the speedo and tacho, the air-bag rear-end, all the old chrome fuel caps have been replaced, etc. It obviously has different wheels: 21-inch on the front and 18-inch on the back.

I had the seat custom designed with the red piping to match the red stripe on the tank.

I always wanted a blower but I knew they were crazy dollars. One day he rang me up and said, “Look, I can get these ProChargers and I really want to supercharge this bike.”

He’d done a heap of blowers on Breakouts but he’d never done a Dyna so he was keen as. We spoke about money and I just said, “Yeah, bugger it! I’m going to do it.”

Jason changed all the brake rotors and calipers: six-piston on the front; fours on the rear.

Jason also fitted an external oil pressure gauge so I can see what the oil is doing with the blower.

The funny thing is I haven’t ridden it yet. I only just picked it up when you guys from Ozbike arrived for the photoshoot. As you can imagine, I’m keen to get the photos done and get my arse out of here…

Harley Fat Bob with ProCharger

Words by Matt Brown; photos by George

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