Seats For British Bikes

IN A CASE of New England craftsmanship meeting a bike from merry olde England, Mustang Seats now offers a range of replacement seats and accessories for the Triumph America and Speedmaster. Engineered to improve the ride quality, Mustang’s seats also flow with the long, low lines of this pair of air-cooled parallel-twins. Now the best of both worlds is available to riders around the world.

“The classic low-rider look is equally at home on either side of the pond,” says Mustang Marketing Director Marilyn Simmons. “We wanted to improve the ergonomics for the quintessential British motorcycle, without disrupting the aesthetics.”

They say the soul of any motorcycle is its engine… this is definitely the case with the Speedmaster and the America’s upright twin configuration and unique 270-degree firing order.

“The America is engineered around a unique engine, so you get a truly authentic ride… one that connects you to Triumph’s rich heritage. Mustang wanted to accentuate this experience without dramatically changing the look or the feel of the motorcycle,” explains Simmons.

Technically speaking, the 14.5 inch wide seat sets the rider slightly back. The 11 inch wide passenger seat is designed with the optimal seating angle for long-distance travel. There is also an extensive selection of options and accessories for the America and Speedmaster seats, including fender and tank bibs, backrests and sissy bar pads.

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