Ride for Respect

The ride, a call to arms, CFS Fundraising Ride was gathering traction.

NO DOUBT you would have heard about the bushfires that burnt throughout Australia in recent times which left many homes damaged and/or destroyed. You would have heard of people and livestock perishing. It was a devastating time for our great country, however, challenging times brings out the best in people, especially those of the motorcycle community.

As the Adelaide Hills burnt before our eyes, I sat as the President of Brothers Twin Social Club and thought how can the motorcycle community raise funds to support our local heroes, the CFS (Country Fire service). As I watched the news I received a call from my Vice President ‘Chalky’ asking the same question: “What can we do to help?”

Early the next day we met for a coffee prior to our club ride. 

“Let’s see what we can do to raise awareness and financial support for our local firies who lost an appliance, siren bells, some even losing their homes. Best we host a ride then.”

That night we created a flyer, sent out emails, TXT messages, and of course, social media, with the view of hosting the ride the following Sunday. We asked Heathen Brotherhood SMC Inc. and with support of the Motor Cycle Alliance of South Australia (MASA), to help promote and support this very important ride. 

The ride, a call to arms, CFS Fundraising Ride was gathering traction. 

I thought it would be great to have 50 — 100 bikes travel with us through the burnt-out fire-grounds of the Adelaide Hills. What an understatement. Little did we know how everyone would pull together so quickly.

On the 12th of January with an entry fee of $10, with Brothers Twin SC members donating bacon, eggs, rolls, drinks, and a sausage sizzle, all to sell, with all monies being transferred to the CFS Foundation. Every cent Brothers Twin SC was able to make went back to the CFS.

As the morning went on, I stopped using my counter as people flooded through the gates faster than I could click. Even the local police department stopped by to see why the road was blocked off. They offered assistance and even made a donation. 

The riders were provided a brief of the ride up through Kersbrook, Lobethal, Mount Torrens, for a quick stop in Mount Pleasant. As we placed our stands down in Mount Pleasant we held a moment’s silence for the amazing work the CFS did to protect the Adelaide Hills; more riders joined the call. 

We arrived back to Brothers Twin SC clubhouse for a beverage and a sausage as we continued to raise funds. 

That day brought more than 320 motorcycles, with cars in tow. What was thought to be a ‘little ride turned into something quite special’. With the help of the Kawazaki Z Club, The Highway Inn, Mount Pleasant Hotel, including entry fees, food and drinks, we raised close to $10,000! Yes indeed, this ride was something special. 

Thank you to the Motorcycle Community of South Australia. KAOS, President of Brothers Twin SC.

Photos by Helen Aubert.

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