Re-Usable Oil Filter

THIS FILTER is re-usable making it the last oil filter you will ever purchase.

Apart from the environmental aspect, it also is a great performance upgrade as you can gain up to five percent of horsepower. This filter allows the oil to flow more freely, which reduces oil levels in the engine sump, thereby reducing oil-wheel obstruction.

It pre-cleans the oil by grabbing metal particles with three high power magnets. Then it filters the oil by utilising a fine stainless steel woven mesh element to catch particles as small as 25 microns. A smart feature is the so-called pressure by-pass valve to prevent high oil pressure conditions caused by extremely cold weather or really dirty oil.

There are three styles available: chromed, polished or black anodised with highlighted polished accents.

The filter is for use on Evolution and Twin Cam engines and is available at Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket.

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