Rat-Rod Yamaha

There’s no chroming or anything on this bike. “When I get the chance, I might chrome a few things but I kinda like it rusty right now…”

I’VE been riding bikes for a while. I stupidly moved overseas and let my licence expire so I have to start again, doing my P’s. I get my full licence in about three months. I’ve got a Shovelhead sitting at home ready for me to ride but right now I’m riding this little lane-splitter to get through my P-plater period. It’s something a little cooler than you can buy from the store.

I bought this bike as a roller which was just an engineered hard-tail frame manipulated from a standard 1982 SR400. It had the motor and just two wheels and that was it.

So I chucked a little peanut tank on it, some rabbit-ears, sissy-bar, and a custom wiring harness.

A lot of the work was done at Renegade Cycles in Brookvale.

It’s a good bike to ride, quite comfortable even though it’s a hard-tail. Lane filtering—beautiful.

The motor kicks over first kick every single time.

The electrics are somewhat to be desired; they need a bit of a work-over.

It’s a good bike for my height. If you were about three inches taller than me it’d be a dog to ride because those bars are very narrow.

Right now I’m keeping it kind of ratty. I’ve got plans to get it a little nicer-looking and take it to Smith Concepts in Brookvale for a lick of paint, but right now it’s a bit rat-rod while I’m saving some funds.

Words by Zac; photos by Huck Finn

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