Police Harassment in Australia

BOYS, GET use to it—every run and show is now watched and followed by Big Brother—but we shouldn’t let this deter us from riding our bikes with our mates. Here are a few pics of a recent run I attended; the photos speak for themselves.

The police now harass every bike-orientated event we have, sitting outside venues and intimidating us so we don’t join in.

Police statistics look good; figures show that support for shows, events and poker runs is gradually declining, giving the message that police presence at future events is well worth it. Is this what we want—no shows, event or runs?

This is our passion and the Government is slowly stomping it out. The best thing we can do is to continue going to events and showing support for the organisers.

I am not a criminal but I’m being treated like one just because I ride a Harley-Davidson.

Police harassing bikers

Words & Pics by Gazza

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  1. Not much to do except terrarise brothers rideing together…must not be any phedos or trappist. Put same amount of time and moneyon hunting phedos it would be a better world

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