Pigs Arse Poker Run

The aim of the day was to have a scenic ride and a beer with a great bunch of blokes and that’s what it was — a bloody good ride.

IT WAS A great sunny day for a poker run and there was a tremendous roll up in numbers — apparently the boys who organise this annual run in Western Australia (WA) have plenty of mates and sponsors to back them, raising money along the way and donating some of it to local charities making it a worthwhile cause.

The run started from the Narrogin Inn and went to some great pubs on a route that took us through countryside of WA I hadn’t ridden before.

Most riders stopped on top of the Serpentine Dam. What a great place for a photo with the dam wall one side and the hills on the other. The ride out was exceptional too with great uphill winding roads.

The Serpentine Hotel was a great place to stop and rest, to take in the landscape and catch up with mates. Did I mention the Cougar girl? I catch up with her at most runs proudly riding her Triumph. Sorry, don’t know your name, but it’s great to see you there. I’ll have another Cougar, thanks.

I think many guys in WA only get their good bikes out on special occasions as I noticed a few that I hadn’t seen before. It was also nice to see a couple of good old bikes still being ridden.
As usual the boys in blue were there to make sure we had a safe and enjoyable day. The best security our tax dollars could buy… after all, this is the Pigs Arse Poker Run.

The run ended at the Pickering Brook Sports Club where the red carpet was laid out — the band Spitfire was blasting away and the club put on a spit roast that was free for all.

The boys also had a bike show which went down well; and the winner of the Poker Run was over the moon taking home $1000 cash.

It was a great day for all involved. The rain and storm in the late afternoon deterred a few from continuing to the end, but the rest of us who soldiered on, had a bloody good day.

words by Gazza; pics by Richie & Gazza

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