Oil Cooling Fan for M8

THE ThunderMax Oil Cooler Fan for 2017—up oil cooled Touring models is the answer to overheating M8 engines.

The fan only takes 15 minutes to install instead of the usual couple of hours of some other models, and it’s plug-n-play. If your motorcycle is equipped with a ThunderMax ECM, just plug the fan in and you are ready to go. If your motorcycle has a stock ECM you will need to visit your local dealer to have the bike flashed.
The oil cooler fan works by using engine temp and vehicle speed to reduce heat and keep your M8 running cool. It only takes a few minutes to drastically reduce engine temperature.

15 minute installation.
Plug ‘n’ play.
Unmatched quality.
Made in the USA

The ThunderMax Oil Cooler Fan is available on-line from V-Twin Visionary

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