Odin’s Warriors MC Tattoo Show

Reputation and respect! These are two things that money can’t buy… you have to earn them and this tattoo show certainly has earned both over many years!

THE EVENT was buzzing to the sound of music and festivities by the time we arrived at around 2 pm on Saturday arvo. Registration for the contestants had kicked off at noon and already the clubhouse and it surrounds had been filled to capacity with bikers, spectators, party animals, and tattooists from all over south east Queensland and further afield. 

To say that the crowd was ‘diverse’ would be an understatement. This event attracts folks from all walks of life, be it young blokes with their girlfriends names on their arms, lovely young lasses with some small feminine art on their nether regions, or grandparents with full body jobs. All are made welcome and all are out to proudly display their tattoos in the hope of taking home one of the coveted awards on offer from one of Queensland’s most respected and longest running tattoo shows. The trophies were mind-blowing and would sit proudly in anyone’s trophy cabinet or pool room. 

Odins Warriors Tattoo Show Ozbike 3

The trade and food stalls were flat out and the blokes behind the bar were hard at it, keeping the crowd refreshed and the fridges stocked. 

The arvo’s music was supplied by the Bagman, and to put it simply, this guy can play fucken anything and make it sound like the original artist with his own unique twist on many classic favourites.

Before too long it was time for the judging to begin. The crowd had grown and it was standing room only as the contestants took to the stage. Wow! What an eye opener that was. The different styles and themes were amazing—traditional, retro, Japanese, black and white, portraits—you name it, it was there. And the judges had their work well and truly cut out as they whittled down the numbers to come up with the final list of winners for the many categories.

What stuck in my head was the amount of gorgeous young nymphs in the contest with some of the most evil and blood thirsty designs adorning their nubile bodies. A real conflict of perception and a dead set turn-on for me and every other red blooded bloke who was there on the day. 

With the judging out of the way, everyone kicked back with a few drinks while the final deliberating was done and all were in readiness for the trophy presentations to follow. The clubhouse quickly filled up and the winners were awarded for their impressive body art in the form of a trophy and a framed certificate. 

As usual, once the official duties were finished, the party kicked off in earnest as the band, Trick-Lick-It, took the stage and got the place well and truly rockin! 

This show is one of Queensland’s premier tattooing events. Each year is bigger and better so if you’re into the tattoo scene or just want to come along for a great party and check some of the finest ink work in Oz, you’d be hard pressed to find a better venue than the Odin’s Warriors Annual Tattoo Show.

Pics by Jo & Danny 666; words by Chuck U Farley

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