Odin’s Warriors MC Inverell Poker Run 2

Despite the dust, the poker run was a ripper!

I LEFT HOME nice and early to make my way to Inverell, only a 200 km trip. On the way I ran into a fucking big dust storm. I wondered if some dick had dropped the big one and this was the end of the world.

When I arrived at the Oxford Hotel for the start of the poker run, there were quite a few bikes out front already. I went inside, met up with a few of the boys and grabbed a beer to wash down the bloody dust.

Albie was at the bar handing out the first cards for the day and it was good to see so many people there considering the bloody dust.

At about 11:20 the boys started to fire up their bikes; we were about to head off into the abyss. The guys roared their way up the main street and all the Saturday morning shoppers looked as though they were lining the street to see them off.

It was a quick trip to the first stop at the Delungra Hotel. Shit, I hope everyone saw the camera hiding in the bushes — the little bastard! We roared our way into town and quickly filled the carpark with bikes.

We downed a few drinks, the next hand was handed out, and it was time to saddle up and head to our next stop, the Graman Hotel, for a bit of lunch.

Odins Inverell Poker Run Ozbike 2

On the way out there I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me — there was a bloody mini-bike in the pack — it was so fucking funny to see him in with the Harleys. He kept up with them… for a few seconds anyway. This thing was flat out at 100 km/h but that’s what a poker run is about — a heap guys and girls going for a ride and having a bit of fun on the way.

Odins Inverell Poker Run Ozbike 3

Then out of the dust like a ghost ship appeared the Graman Hotel. Time for a bite to eat, deal the next hand, and a few drinks to wash down a shovel full of dust that was in my throat.

Soon it was time to head to the Commercial Hotel in Ashford so off we roared into the dust.

Most guys made it straight to Ashford, some got a bit lost in the dust on the back roads, but they got there eventually.

Another hand dealt, a few more drinks, a bit of a rest, then back to the clubhouse in Inverell — and thank fuck the dust was starting to get thin so we could finally see where we were going.

Odins Inverell Poker Run Ozbike 5

Time to deal the last hand, grab a Jack and a well deserved feed, then sit back, watch the sun go down and listen to the band. What a great way to end a day.

Odins Inverell Poker Run Ozbike 6
Odins Inverell Poker Run Ozbike 7
Odins Inverell Poker Run Ozbike 8

I would like to thank Mick and the boys for putting on another great poker run.

Words & pics by Big Jim

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