NSW State HOG Rally

This was the ideal opportunity to swap yarns about what they’ve done, or what they’re about to do, with all things Harley.

ON SATURDAY we awoke to a very sunny day for the ride to Lithgow. More than 100 bikes turned up for the ride which was great.

This was followed by a great bike show — only Harleys, of course — and you could see that a lot of guys had spent a lot of time polishing their bikes to look their best.

What started out as a sunny day ended up at 45 degrees so shelter in the food and trade stalls became a priority.

NSW State HOG Rally
NSW State HOG Rally

On Sunday there was the traditional HOG Thunder Ride into Windsor which had more than 200 Harley-Davidsons riding together.

After the Thunder Ride, another traditional HOG event, the gymkhana, which was hotly contested and finally won by the Broadmeadow HOG Chapter. Congrats fellows and fellowettes.

NSW State HOG Rally
NSW State HOG Rally

With 289 registrations for the four-day event, there were a lot of friends, new and old, getting together to celebrate their love of Harley-Davidsons. If you’ve never been to a HOG Rally, you’ve been missing out on the good music, good rides, good food, and good friends.

words & pics by Mark

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