National Treasure Harley-Davidson Shovel

A classic piece of biker history.

FROSTY’S SHOVEL is no glamour flash-fang-dangled Harley. So why does it deserve being in the hallowed pages of Ozbike? Well because it’s one of the last 1200’s! It was built in 1985 by the Rebels MC. It’s always been registered, gets ridden daily and has never been off the road.

The paint job was done by Little Mick in 1993 and is still original the way it came off Mick’s airbrush. What you’re seeing is early skulls done by the Leonardo Da Vinci of the Aussie biker world.

The purebred 1% time machine is like a museum piece that runs as well today as it did all those years ago.

The SU carb has been really well set up; the Shovel fires first kick and idles as well as any modern day EFI Twin Cam. In principle, a CV carb is nothing but a late model SU.

The shotgun pipes are blue from years of road miles behind 12-inch apes and an FXG Wide Glide, twin disc front-end.

When it came time to take the photos for this article, Frosty didn’t want any old titty girl jumping on his bike. Instead, the proud dad wanted his beautiful and much loved daughter Hayley featured. Who are we to argue.

If you can take your eyes off Hayley and have a look at the bike, you’ll notice there’s chips and dings but bugger all oil leaks. The bike is obviously a treasured possession, looked after and kept clean.

Have a good look at the chrome on the wheels and spokes. It was done in a time when the environment wasn’t so important and it’s blue and rust free. Look at most late model factory Harley spokes and rims and they’re rusty. They don’t chrome parts like they used to last century.

Who needs an electric start and a six-speed box when a tried and true kickstart, four-speed gets the job done?

There may be lots of better looking paint jobs, wider tyres, bigger engines, and more appealing modern rides sitting on shop floors, but this 74 cube Shovel will still be thundering down the highway long after many late models have bitten the dust.

There’s one thing this Shovel has and that’s the heart and soul of a 1%er that all the money in the world can’t buy. In a way, it’s like a national treasure. 

Long may your Shovel run, Frosty. Ride forever.

Harley Shovel motorcycle

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