Naked Air Intakes

YOU LOOK over at the rider next to you, sizing up their bike. Stock exhaust, stock suspension, stock intake. You give a little rev, the light turns green and they fire off like a cannon leaving you chewing gravel. That bike looked stock, but it had Vance & Hines power hidden somewhere.

The charging bull power and reaction time that comes from Vance & Hines’ popular VO2 air intakes is now available for use with your stock air cleaner cover. Not everyone wants a tricked out bike, but who wouldn’t want more throttle response and some extra horses? The VO2 Naked air intake maintains the stock look of your ride with aftermarket performance.

As Vance & Hines says, it’s all about how much air a motor can take in and the VO2 takes a big breath. The all-aluminium venturi design helps shape the air to increase the flow and therefore the power of your motor. Each intake is designed and manufactured in-house in the USA and includes a high-flow washable filter element and larger inlet backing plate.

Visit your nearest Vance & Hines dealer for more info.

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