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A Change petition to relax motorcycle handlebar rules last year attracted more than 11,000 signatures but was ignored by the Federal Government.

Gold Coast handlebar manufacturer Burleigh Bars started the online petition to scrap the arbitrary limit of 380 mm height above the seat. They claimed the rules did not consider rider comfort nor lane filtering riders hitting car mirrors.

“The petition was given no merit as far the Federal Government was concerned,” said Zane Waldon from Burleigh Bars. “So we went to a lawyer to draft a formal Federal Parliament petition to elicit some action.”

“So, after a year, we have hit the next stage. I believe it all depends on numbers as to whether it will go before the House of Representatives for debate. The petition will only be active for the next four weeks so, hopefully, we can achieve the number required in that time.”

The new Federal Government petition (Number EN0950) asks the House to consider changes to the national legislation and the ADR(57) to alleviate vexatious regulations regarding motorcycle handlebar heights.

“It is our submission that laws should be unified as they relate to vehicles manufactured pre and post 1988; specifically that the current compliance height of 380 mm be measured from the point of attachment to the vehicle rather than the uppermost surface of the riders seat. It is our belief that the reformation of these laws will lead to greater rider wellbeing, increased freedom of modification and the subsequent benefit to industry, reduced cost impost on motorcycle manufacturers and consumers without reducing safety.

“We therefore ask the House to consider amendments to the Motor Vehicles Standards Act, the National Code of Practice for Vehicle Construction and aid in the amendment of the Australian Design Rules pertaining to motorcycle construction. Specifically to effect laws requiring all mopeds, motorcycles and motor trikes, regardless of manufacture date, to comply with a handlebar height of 380 mm measured from the point of attachment to the vehicle, as per the current legislation pertaining to vehicles manufactured prior to June 30, 1988.”


Handlebar Height Rules In Oz 2
Handlebar Height Rules In Oz


  1. I would like to know what rationale is behind this ruling. My handlebars come up to shoulder height giving me good back posture and control. Thus reducing discomfort and fatigue on a long ride . Isn’t that a safety issue that should be considered ?

  2. Having arm & shoulder injuries, it would make my ride a lot more comfortable if I could change my bars to a better height. Every rider should be able to choose the bars that make them safer, more in control & confident.

  3. Please relax these unmerited laws regarding the ridiculous limit to the handlebar minimum height. As a rider with a bad back, I find it painful to ride while leaning forward to hold low handlebar grips. The highrise bars help me enjoy my ride pain free. And I can get off my bike and not cringe to get back on it.

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