MCAS: The One Stop Bike Shop

Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket in Auburn, already known for its huge inventory of motorbike parts, recently expanded with the addition of a second-hand Harley dealership just inside the ground floor entrance.

WARWICK Brian Stevenson, the Dealer Principal at Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket Bike Sales, told us a little about the new business.

“The bike sales are sort of a blank canvas at the moment. Management saw an opportunity and jumped at it.

“There are two of us working on the floor — Michael Devine and myself— and we’ve got a couple guys going out and picking up bikes. They are on the road actively buying good, pre-loved Harleys for me. They’re all getting serviced, reconditioned if need be; and they’re brought here ready to go. The bikes are carefully selected, that’s important. We’ve got good, clean motorbikes; the bikes that people want.

“And of course, they’re selling at good prices. We sold five in the first weekend we were open, without advertising or anything like that.

“At this stage, we’re focusing on Harley but it depends on what people trade in, like somebody traded in a Suzuki cruiser and it sold the next day.

“We have about 40 used Harleys for sale at any one time. I doubt that any other Harley dealer in Sydney has that many used Harleys for sale.”

“I was a former professional BMX rider,” Warwick explained his background. “I grew up racing BMX at the age of 10. Moved to America when I was 18-years-old, in 1999, and had a pretty successful career over there. I won three world championships, three ABA National #1 titles, a couple of World Cups and, yeah, I’ve had a pretty successful career.

“I was married to a girl in America but then that fell through so I moved back to Australia. I’m a big Aussie boomerang.”

Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket, 321 ParramattaRoad, Auburn NSW 2144; 02-9648-1400.

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