Mal’s Magnificent HAWG

Then the big wide arse bug hit...

I STUMBLED across this bike at the local Harley dealer. I got to talk to Mal and he reckoned he had a good bike—and yeah, he was right, it was one hell of ripper bike.

We decided to meet down at the Point for the photo shoot and when we turned up, I noticed an old guy across the road really gawking at me, so I gave him a short wave.

Mal and I decided to shoot the bike on the edge of the footpath overlooking the water. Well, we all know it is easier to start a bike and ride it then to push it all around to get it into position. Anyway, we got it lined up when along comes a four-wheel-drive with a local council sticker on the door. Out hops this young guy, dressed in the local shire uniform, and he asks me, “Have you got a permit to shoot photos?”

“No mate,” was my reply.

“It’s a $384 fine if you don’t have a permit.”

“Holy Mackerel!” said I. “You’d better write the fine now and here as I’d rather go to jail than pay it.”

Luckily, the guy liked Mal’s bike and after some discussion he decided to leave us alone minus a fine and a jail term. Meanwhile, the old guy across the road was still gawking at me.

I got to send council boy a great photo of him standing next Mal’s bike so I hope shooting photos at the Point will be a little less adventurous in the future. But, as I say, shit happens and the depth varies.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed photographing it. The rest of the story is in Mal’s own words:

In Mal’s Own Words

IT WAS a natural progression into motorbikes for my brother and I as Dad and our uncles all rode and owned motorbikes at some time or other—Beezas, Matchys, Nortons and Enfields to name a few!

At 14-years-old I bought my first Jappa. My second bike was a 350 single cylinder AMF H-D; then I progressed through about 12 more Jap sports bikes and one Duke.

Then, after about six open days at Morgan and Wacker, came a strong yearning for a Twin Cam. After parting with about 30gs I took HAWG—my first TC88 and some bits to play with—home.

After some club riding, a few bike shows and reading bike mags, the bug started to bite. HAWG needed more horsepower. About 65 hp is embarrassing, especially from a 1450 cc motorbike, but 100 hp would be something to talk about, so I hit the books. I wanted horsepower but not at the expense of reliability, and didn’t want to spend big dollars. So I went down the tried and proven Screamin’ Eagle road with 95 ci, high compression forged pistons; reworked CNC ported heads; 257 cams, new rockers and pushrods; an ignition and 44 CV carb. This equated to 93 hp and 97 ft lbs of torque. Goes like a shit off a shovel—the acceleration is awesome.

Then the big wide arse bug hit. The rear wheel is by Hallcraft—80 spoke, 18 x 5.5—with an Avon tyre. American Wire made the matching front wheel, a 21 x 2.15.

The front end is twin-disc Pro One with Progressive springs. A pair of Fournales hold up the rear.

Pipes are Vance & Hines, the bars Carlini, and the air intake is a Pro R HyperCharger by Kuryakyn. Rear guards, struts and seat are all H-D.

What’s next for HAWG? Maybe some gear-drive cams and a bigger carby. And a special paint job.

pics by Jules @ Top Gun; words by Mal & Jules

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