Kiwi Kev Budget Bike

The bike is split straight down the middle — yep, even the fuel cap.

THE WHOLE idea with this project was to end up with a personalised custom for under $20,000. This left me in a position of buying something as cheap as possible. I ended up getting a ’93 FXR for $11,000. It was red, it was registered, it was rideable, and it had potential!

Harry from Harry’s Custom in Loganholme had assisted me in my last three projects without a hitch, so after discussions of where I was at and what was wanted, that’s where it went.

The tank and guards came off and were sent away to be base-coated in black.

It had a leaky base gasket and while it was apart, Harry installed a new set of rings; that was all that was required internally.

Not liking the way your standard FXR sits, it was lowered two inches at the rear with new Progressive Suspension shocks. On the front we went a five-percent rake on the triple trees with four-inch-over forks.

Not being fond of belt drives, I went with a 180 rear tyre and back to O-ring chain as a personal preference.

Other goodies included Burleigh V-bars, Barrett cables, a new S&S carb, indicator grips on the front and indicator number plate holder rear, after-market mirrors and headlight, and Inferno primary and points covers. 

Warning lights were brought back through the centre console and an alloy housing was made to suit. Other homemade gear included billet forward controls with twisted stainless running boards.

I got a great deal on the billet rear wheel and Inferno 21-inch front.

All back together and functional it was, ‘Thanks heaps to Harry and off to the painter.’

This is where it gets deep! Sonny Au of Browns Plains is a very talented and spiritual man that I am proud to call a friend and mate. After an in-depth conversation and the fact that he knows my heritage and past and where I’m at now, he came up with the following: The bike is split straight down the middle — yep, even the fuel cap. The left hand side is blue and purple chameleon with the stars, moon, and universe depicting the Eternal Journey. The right side is gold and red Harlequin with the sunrise — the dawning of a new day, a new start. All through the paint and framework are Karu’s (scallop shapes) coming from old traditional Maori carvings representing the stairway to Heaven.

Words cannot describe the feeling of seeing the finished result. Cheers bro (Sonny)! Painter and artist.

What I finished up with is a unique, reliable custom that’s ridden daily with pride.

Did I come in on a budget? Let’s put it this way. You know that little bit of coin that we tuck away from the wife now and again for a rainy day? Well it rained a little bit but, hey, I won’t tell if you don’t! Thanks to all and happy travels.

words by Kev; pics by Jules

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