Keyless Motorcycles

THE DIGITAL Guard Dawg is a ‘keyless ignition and security module’ for use on motorcycles. Using security technology borrowed from Mercedes and Corvette, the Digital Guard Dawg completely eliminates a motorcycle’s ignition switch as well as all the hassles associated with using a traditional key. The rider simply carries one of the Dawg Tags with him and the bike’s ignition automatically activates as the rider gets on and deactivates when he gets off, arming and disarming the security system accordingly.

There are no buttons to push or codes to enter, the rider doesn’t even have to remember to lock or unlock the ignition switch.

People absolutely love the convenience of not having to fumble with or search for keys; this is particularly helpful when wearing gloves.

Going keyless also means there are no keys hanging from the ignition switch to scratch your bike’s paint or chrome.

On most motorcycles, eliminating the ignition switch also goes a long way towards achieving the ultra clean appearance so sought after by many enthusiasts, as well as opening up all sorts of new possibilities for custom dash designs or paint work.

Dawg Tags are not only exceptionally secure (with more than 6 billion codes) but because they can be cross-programmed, a user with multiple motorcycles and vehicles can operate everything he owns with a single Dawg Tag.

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  1. Hi I have a trackbike worth about 3k and iv lost the key and have been quoted 2.5k to fix just wondering if I could use this system to replace the key without costing me the value of the bike lol ?
    cheers ken

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