Jessie the Kid & the Orange Chopper

PAUL ALWAYS wanted an orange chopper with flames “…and a Maltese Cross because of my Maltese heritage,” said Paul. So he went to Doc Hogs in Melbourne, because their track record is pretty good. “I’d built my first bike with them and I found they were very competent. They’re not the cheapest but the quality is right up there with the best.”

Doc Hogs custom-made the frame but had to alter the original design because of Paul’s height. “I am short, yes. Doc Hogs moved the actual forward controls back a bit and re-jigged the top of the frame. The original seat area was huge too—it was like a surfboard—so the top of the frame was narrowed and a smaller seat made and fitted. I can now sit comfortably and keep both feet firmly on the ground when stopped.”

The forward controls and jockey shift are from Accutronix. “I like the radical look of a jockey shift. It’s pretty cool.”

The Grandeur automatic clutch is a nifty addition to the orange chopper. “You can pull up at a set of lights in gear and it just sits there idling; you don’t need to keep your foot on the clutch. When you’re ready to go, you just bring up the revs and she takes off. For a jockey shift you can’t beat it.”

Even with the auto clutch, there is still a suicide clutch at the left foot for gear changes. “You just press it gently while you’re changing gears with the jockey shift.”

Doc Hogs made the handlebars with the internal throttle cable; the wiring is all hidden too. They also made the guards, the oil tank, the sissybar, all the pointed caps, and stretched the petrol tank 6 inches.

It’s got a 124 cube S&S motor, a right-hand-drive six-speed gearbox, a 300 rear tyre, and a 10-inch-over front-end. The calipers are HHI; the hand controls PM; the exhaust pipes Arlen Ness. The House of Kolor paint was applied by Joe Starline.

Doc Hogs maintained a look of simplicity by using the absolute minimum running gear. “Less is better!” said Paul. Nonetheless, even with its big back tyre, long front-end, jockey shift and auto clutch, Paul’s orange chopper is a breeze to ride. “Unless you ride on Melbourne’s tram tracks which are a bitch.”

The jockey shift arm is curvaceous and the theme is carried right through the design of the chopper. “I had my ideas about the look, the spikes and the Maltese Cross. I pretty much found my own pictures and stuff of what I liked and Doc Hogs built the bike I wanted. Thanks guys.”

Jessie the Kid:

MY DAD had Doc Hogs build this bike for me. When I’m older he’s going to give it to me.

I am 10-years-old and I am in Grade 4 at school. The other kids know my dad has a motorbike and think it’s pretty cool. He doesn’t pick me up from school though because mum doesn’t like me to ride it yet.

My mum likes the motorbike too, and sometimes she goes for a ride on it, if she wants to…

pics by Walter Wall

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