Jamie Giant: The Smallest Tattooist in the World

After being told that the smallest tattooist in the world works at a tattoo studio in Sydney, George made an appointment to check out his art.

JAMIE was a bit late for our appointment so I had time to chat with the customers. I wasn’t the only one waiting for Jamie. There were many customers waiting for him as traffic was heavy that evening. When he arrived the place lit up. There was a buzz in the air caused by his personal charisma. A professional boxer, actor and full time tattooist, Jamie is a busy man (not counting his duty as a partner and father to his three children). Jamie has achieved more than most blokes double his age and height.

I clicked my camera as Jamie started to tattoo his first customer. 

The Smallest Tattooist in the World

“I like to draw, and have always drawn for mates,” said Jamie. “I started tattooing about many years ago at Flesh Effects in Cronulla. Shane and Pickles gave me a job and taught me most of my trade.

“I have done so many tattoos since, there are armies of people walking around with my artwork on them.

“What I want to do is freehand work. People come in and say, ‘Jamie can you just draw something for me.’

“I love tattooing at conventions in front of crowds; it’s addictive.”

At 107 cm, Jamie believes he is the smallest tattooist in the world and has contacted the Guinness Book of Records to make it official.

Jamie loves acting and has performed in 12 commercials, various TV shows and movies, Comedy Inc, and Ned Kelly. He started acting straight out of school in the theatre in the show Witches of Eastwick. He has acted with many famous actors such as Paul McDermott, Barry Humphrey and Verne Troyer (well known as Mini-Me from Austin Powers).

Jamie was the first professional boxer in the category of short statured people where he was fighting a bloke double his weight. This fight was a reason for further divisions for three categories (up to 40 kg; up to 50 kg; over 50 kg). There is a plan brewing for Jamie to fight internationally in the near future.

Jamie has many mates who ride Harleys and he enjoys riding pillion but his dream is to ride a bike at the front. Because of his small stature, this is practically impossible so he is looking for sponsors and bike builders to participate in building the world’s smallest road registered Harley.

If you want to be a part of history by being tattooed by the smallest tattooist in world, contact Jamie on his Facebook page.

The Smallest Tattooist in the World

Article submitted by George

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