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Iron and Resin Garage is a place for riders to meet, talk, compare and share space with other riders.

IF YOU believe the hype surrounding Queensland and motorbikes lately, you’d be excused for thinking they’d all been driven out of the state. The truth is a lot has changed, but the love of bikes and incredible riding opportunities have not. The bikes have changed and so have the riders: vintage, cafés, bobbers, scramblers, and a much younger set of riders now dominate the back roads.

Queensland’s Gold Coast is usually associated with the high-rise concrete jungle, white sand beaches and parties, but unknown to even long time residents is the almost unending labyrinth of winding mountain roads stretching north, west and south as far as you’re willing to explore. The rainforests overlooking Australia’s holiday Mecca provide twists, climbs, creek crossings, farming valleys, and relatively smooth roads. You can take the back roads to Byron Bay and beyond without ever touching the dreaded freeways. Head west through the rich farmlands or head north to Brisbane and on to the Sunshine Coast and still be home for dinner with a few hundred kays on the clock. From most areas of the Goldy you can escape suburbia and be lost within minutes, even on dirt roads through National Parks. You don’t have to ride far to get to a ride, once you leave the driveway, you’re already clicking gears.

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But you have to meet your mates somewhere. So the Iron and Resin Garage was born for just that reason. “We are at the start of one of the most fun roads I’ve ever ridden,” says Garage owner and Nitro Circus MC Bruce Robson. “We used to meet at service stations which were handy for a fuel and tyre check, but not much good for an all important coffee and feed. Now we meet at the shop, plan a ride and hit the hills as a group.”

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Iron and Resin is a clothing and accessory brand born in Ventura, California, a place not that different from the Gold Coast: a counter-culture culture allowing anyone to follow the drop-out urge if they so choose. A steady supply of sunshine, surf, hills and transient population gives it a laid back feel the locals take full advantage of. 

The Iron and Resin lifestyle brand has been available in Australia for a few years in stores spread right across the country, but now it has a retail home on the Gold Coast. 

The Iron and Resin Garages in Ventura and San Francisco have become must-visit destinations for the USA and visiting bike crowd and now Australia has one to call their own, built by Robson and the man behind the brand in Australia, Luke Young. Luke was running the retail operation of Pro Wake and Tige Boats on the Gold Coast for the last decade before setting up this new venture.

The brand fills the new Currumbin store from the rusted steel sign out front yelling “coffee”, to the racks of tees, shirts, riding jackets, gloves, hoodies, caps and accessories. It’s a great place to enjoy a coffee and a snack while you browse for new gear or presents. 

But it’s not all Iron and Resin. New Gold Coast brand Death Collective features alongside Roland Sands Designs, Bell helmets and Speed Merchant gear.

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Classic and custom bikes from local builders are on display, often from PopBang Classics located just around the corner in Currumbin. Next to these show-worthy customs are a few older classics including an AMF-Aermacchi Harley-Davidson, a Bultaco Alpina and Showtime Kustom Garage’s first ever build (a chopped-out bright yellow mini-bike that featured in the first FMX show in Australia). 

The dedicated bike parking space out the front of the Garage always has a great mix of old and new personalised bikes visiting as well.

The picnic tables on the grassed area are usually filled with kids and dogs with their families listening to the regular live music, while the shelves, tables and racks are filled with men’s and women’s clothes, shoes, helmets, gloves, boots, and a great selection of home-wares and gift ideas. Blankets, combs, men’s grooming stuff and candles may seem out of place in a bike centric shop, but the Iron and Resin Garage is lifestyle first. They sell it all on-line too if you can’t wait for your next Gold Coast trip.

By the way, the coffee is unbelievable.

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Iron and Resin Garage is a community first. It’s a place for riders to meet, talk, compare and share space with other riders. Friendly, relaxed and located close to the airport, beaches, hills and the freeway to get you here even quicker. Open 7 days a week.

Iron and Resin Garage , 6 Stewart Road Currumbin, Qld 4223. Phone: 07-5659-2166. Web:

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Photos by Rod Cole; words by Bruce Robson

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