Independent Suspension Seats

DANNY Gray Enterprises recently introduced the IST (Independent Suspension Technology) line of motorcycle seats, designed to eliminate the compression and shock the body receives from riding on a traditional solid seat pan. 

Designed to still provide the hand-crafted look, quality and performance of an aftermarket seat, the IST product line works by damping road impact at the two lowest bone points in the pelvis called the ischial tuberosities, or ITs. 

The IST is seamlessly built into the saddle like two little trampolines, positioned side by side within the seat. IST isolates the rider’s IT bones, cushioning them independently in reaction to the shocks and bumps of the road.

Independent Suspension Seats Ozbike 2

The IST line offers four models with multiple options for adding comfort and duration to their rides. The MinimalIST is the entry level IST product, available in vinyl or leather covering, with tailbone and stress relief, a narrow width and sized for a solo rider.

The BigIST is for the solo rider and is available in vinyl or leather, with tailbone and stress relief. It features a wider footprint and back support. The BigIST is also available as a two-rider seat in a full touring style with tailbone and stress relief, and back support, available in vinyl or leather.

The LowIST is a two-rider, low profile style seat available in vinyl or leather with tailbone and stress relief, and low and narrow styling that is cut down at the rear.

The TourIST is a two-rider seat in a mid-touring style with tailbone and stress relief and back support. The TourIST is available in vinyl, leather or with sweat-control Spacer Mesh Fabric and leather accents.

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