Hells Angels MC Dead End Crew

I HAD an ’84 Shovel Lowrider and after that I had a ’92 FXR for eight years. I didn’t want to part with the FXR for the simple reason that it was rubber-mounted and rode really smoothly. There was nothing wrong with it when I traded it in—but this Street Bob FXD—the technology’s really improved.

It’s comfortable, got good acceleration, everything really. It’s got the bigger engine and six-speed gearbox. It’s a better bike to travel on. The FXR was good but this is more modern and good for going distances.

I’ve kept the bike original except for the seat and pegs. The bars are standard, that’s how it comes and they’re comfortable.

These came out standard as one-seaters so I put a Stinger seat on, then the highway pegs and passenger pegs. There are three different movements for when you’re riding—you can stretch out, lean back, whatever you want to do. Otherwise, with the original pegs, it’s just one position.

As far as the paint goes, I had the Dead End Crew Death Head put on the tank, with the AFFA on the back guard. It was all done by Troy at Nightmare Designs. I had the design in mind that I wanted, with the flames going through it.

I don’t think I need to do anything more to it, although riding to Sydney I thought of something Harley could have done better—they could make it a digital speedo but still keep the needle as well, like some cars do. I got caught speeding on the way back; the cop reckons I was doing 120 in a 100 zone where a lot of people think it’s still 110. The speed limit changes and it’s too hard to see the needle between all the dashes when you’re riding along at speed. That’s the only downfall really that I could say they need to adjust.

pics by Chris Randells; words by Terry

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