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JAMES GASKETS are always on the cutting edge of technology and are continually designing and improving their gasket range to meet the demands of the ever-increasing requirements of the latest and largest Harleys.

These hot-off-the-press items are definitely worth a look:

29058-39. Linkert carburetor to air cleaner gasket. Amazingly enough, with all the high tech gaskets available, James has not lost sight of where it all started. This gasket fits between the Linkert carb and the air cleaner backing plate and dates from 1939 using the very latest material. These, as well as all gaskets and seals to overhaul Linkert carburetors, are readily available.

18094-02. Valve stem oil seal used in conjunction with new tapered valve springs introduced by Harley in 2002 Twin Cams.

35067-06. For the late Dynas and Touring models, seal interface for engine to transmission.
6114-F. Fibre Evolution rocker cover washers.

11125-XM. This interesting kit is used to repair left crankcases where the alternator ‘O’ ring lip is damaged or missing. All the parts necessary to seal up this area are included.

11377-K. This neat little kit includes everything necessary to seal the pushrod tubes on 2004 to 2007 Sportsters.

11377. Most of the components in the James kits are also available individually in bulk packs. This ‘O’ ring is available in a 10-pack as well being included in the previous 11377-K kit.

60518-65DL. This amazing kit has all the pieces to seal up the starter on ’65 through ’84 models at the inner primary chaincase. The 60516-65 oil deflector plate is pressed from steel as original, but is fully moulded in rubber to seal both sides.

29290-99. Screamin’ Eagle intake manifold gasket and spacer kit.

29230-99. Breather service seal kit.

27002-57. Check out this carb to manifold kit. It covers Bendix, Keihin and Tillotson carburetors on Sportsters, Panheads and Shovelheads.

29583-01. 2001 and up carburetor backplate gaskets in bulk for dealers or serious tinkerers.

James Gaskets are now producing steel shim gasket kits for the 1992 and up Evolution oil pumps. The steel is completely coated in a special silicon rubber that does not become brittle with heat or age. Other advantages of this material are excellent torque retention and the .010” overall thickness guarantees correct clearance for the feed and return gear sets. These kits come complete with all the necessary keys and retaining rings required for correct installation.

Steel core gaskets are also available for many other applications. The steel component of the gasket is the secret to the success of this style of construction. Precise thickness of the steel core is completely coated with the James high-tech rubber. The end result is a gasket that is exactly the correct thickness so that factory tolerances are not affected, will not continue to crush as the bulk of the gasket is steel, and it is easily removed from the gasket surface when the time comes.

Other examples of gaskets using this construction are rocker box gaskets, primary chaincase gaskets, inspection cover gaskets, timing cover gaskets, and cylinder base gaskets. These Evolution cylinder base gaskets were a major breakthrough and solved overnight the base gasket problems that plagued the early Evos.

The gaskets reviewed in this article are just some of the latest kits offered by James and represent only a tiny portion of the James inventory held by Redgrave Motorcycles at any time. Full gasket kits for all engines and transmissions produced by Harley-Davidson since 1938 are available and in nearly all cases each gasket in these kits is available individually in a 5 or 10 pack.

For any help or advice regarding the James lineup of products feel free to give Redgraves a call on 02-9484-9955. A 120 page catalogue is available on request.

Feature by Richard Nicolls at Redgrave Motorcycles.

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