Front Pulleys with Splined or Tapered Inserts

THESE latest 39 and 40 tooth front pulleys from Belt Drives LTD are just the ticket for many early stock and custom applications.

Designed specifically for use with 8 mm BDL-30853-T and BDL-30853-BE primary belts, they can now be paired with a splined or tapered bolt-in insert.

An additional version, the 39SS-INT and 39-SS-INS, is machined with an offset of .160” to help with custom fitments.

BDL continues to manufacture the original front pulleys with the permanent insert as part # 39T & 39S or 40T & 40S.

Unlike earlier cast pulleys, the new front pulleys are machined from solid blocks of billet in-house at BDL.

For complete details check out the BDL site at

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